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Getting a new lens 2

One of the very first posts I wrote was about what you should consider when buying a new lens. The article was pretty shallow, however, and I’d like to delve deeper into the problem. This article will repeat some basics about lens specifications, list up a few examples of “famous […]

The rise of the LED light and problems therein

LED (Light-Emitting Diode) is a type of light that for a long time now become very popular, and is still increasing in popularity. The reasons for it being so popular is that it can create a very strong and intense light with very little power usage. Most smart phones with […]

Photoshoot reflections: #2

I was hired by the band Vicinity to cover their recent concert at Rockheim. I’m fairly used to cover musical events after shooting a range of choir concerts, but this was the first time I was to cover a metal-band. The challenge was on! First of all, they wanted new group […]

Photoshoot reflections: #1

So I got the idea to make a blog post about my photo shoots. In these I will write down what the goal of the shoot was, what I did to get my results (even if there was nothing special in my preparations or setup), any problems I encountered, and […]

Posing the subject to bring out the star in them

Most people think that the reason why some people have great pictures and others do not is a question of being photogenic. In truth, some people have an easier time getting good pictures, but that doesn’t mean other people just are not photogenic. There are lots upon lots of tricks […]

Shooting in the sun

The sun is a powerful source of light. Perhaps a bit too powerful when it comes to photography. If you try to look at the sun with your own eyes you’re gonna feel a sting of pain. Most of us cannot do it at all, and if you try then […]

Portraiture and using flashguns

This is a huge article, so here is an overview of different chapters or paragraphs in this article so you can jump around more easy: Intro: Why the camera flash is not good enough. Step 1: Using a single flash gun Step 2: Bounce the light using a single flash […]

Macro photography: What and how?

I have experimented rather little with macro photography. I’ve read articles about it, I tried out some techniques and some gear, but I never did find it to be “my thing” and so I never really explored it. I want to try to explain the technical concept of what a […]

What is a histogram and why should you care?

Featured header image from The concept of a histogram originates back to a statistical mathematician named Karl Pearson (1857-1936). It is basically a graph that shows amounts of different types of values within a finite set of data. The typical histogram will group together similar values in a single bar. […]