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Raw or JPEG?

One question every photographer has had to ask him or herself at some point is “should I set my camera to store my pictures in JPEG or Raw?” It is an important question, and the reason why it is often considered so much is that both have their ups and […]

Shooting night time photography

Shooting pictures at night is a popular activity, and can give some pretty amazing shots. There are several “themes” of night photography where some of them are: light painting, city views, city streets, night sky and lightning shots. In this article I will talk a bit about general techniques to […]

Wedding Photography: Why you need to think twice before accepting the job.

Featured header image: Wedding Photography by Ryan Smith Photography “Should I be the wedding photographer for my friend’s wedding?” is a question I often see at different forums. Others have also asked me a couple of times to photograph their wedding as well. I have never said yes. I’d like to go […]

Exposure: Not too bright and not too dark, but just right.

One of the things about photography that you will often find annoying in the beginning is getting an exposure that is just right. Sometimes you will see something that you know will not last. You hurry to get a shot of it as fast as you can. When you look at […]

Photo collection: The best photographs of 2012

The Guardian have published a set of photographs that their board deems the best photographs of 2012. While not necessarily award winners, the images are still very good (naturally). Remember the importance of seing a lot of pictures all the time and analyzing them. Why do they work? What do […]

Demonstration: Why focal length (zoom) matters

This post will probably be the shortest post I’ll ever make, but it’s still a very important one. If you read my post about photography basics, then you hopefully understood that focal length, or zoom, determines how “close” you appear to be to your subject. Well, it’s time to add […]

Composition 101

Ok. So far we’ve gone through photography basics, a selection of handy photography gear, how to get a sharp exposure of a picture and what you should be on the lookout for when (if) you’re getting a new lens. You are now ready to start snapping those pictures. Well, honestly […]

Getting a new lens

So far I’ve talked about camera settings and a selection of different gear that could be handy. Despite having chosen to write about these things first, I still haven’t written about the number one question I get: “Should I get a new lens, and if so which one?“ The sheer […]

Getting that crispy sharp image

One of the things a photographer always strives for is to have the pictures as crystal sharp as possible. There are a number of steps you can take to make sure the picture you just snapped will be just so. Some of these techniques are more important than others, and […]